Review of the Ab Wave

What is the Ab Wave?

The Ab Wave is a machine that tones your abs while sitting down, thus avoiding the strain on your neck. As a personal trainer, I constantly hear that people avoid abdominal routines because they feel tension in their back, neck and shoulders. Although there are countless products out there that claim to shift this stress, the Ab Wave is unique because you sit on it rather than lay on your back. The Ab Wave is already being sold in Canada, Australia and New Zealand, but not all over the world yet.

How Do You Use the Ab Wave?

Denise Austin (who looks darn good for being fifty-five!) is featured in the campaign and the Ab Wave website., showing us how to use what looks like a swinging chair. The Ab Wave works your core as you swing and twist in a controlled motion. When you think about the muscle groups being worked the machine seems like a real challenge.
Below is the YouTube video of their “5 Minute Bon Voyage to Fat” with Denise Austin. She shows us how the Ab Wave works and why it really does isolate your core muscles.  This little workout is just an introduction to the product; there are 30 minute videos like “Total Body Toning” with resistance bands and leg toning moves that come with the machine. You can watch snippets of the videos on the Ab Wave YouTube channel.

The Ab Wave System

When you buy the Ab Wave System you don’t just get an Ab Wave machine. You’ll receive the Ab Wave itself, the Wave Goodbye Nutritional Plan and three workout DVDs. There is also an optional upgrade which include the Total Body Toning DVD and resistance bands and the Fast Track Computer which helps count your calories and movement. Checkout my review of the Total Body Toning workout here.

I am really interested in the Ab Wave because it seems like a nice balance between raging at the gym (which nobody can sustain every day) and sitting on the couch watching TV (which too many people sustain every day). I’m getting ready for the Tour de Lakes race so having fit abs is a huge priority!